Project Description

A happy shopper

A groceries price comparison portal for Netherlands market. Most popular supermarket grocery prices are compared while you shop.

Around 30% saving are possible when you compare the grocery shopping.

We are focused to build a platform which helps customers to save while they shop.

Are you tired of spending few hours in queues while shopping groceries every week?

Our interactive web portal will allow you to save while you shop online and get the groceries delivered to your door step.

Are you an investor and interested to be part of this venture, please contact us  and one of our representative will respond within no time.


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Grocery list

Search, add items or upload your grocery list. Add the groceries to your basket to see the price comparison.

Compare Baskets

Prices are compares against popular supermarkets and displayed in cart, checkout and place orders

Order online

Checkout from specific retailer and Place orders online, our agents will deliver groceries at your door steps

Save around 30%

Price comparison could possibly save around 30% while comparing with other retailers. Place orders online